**WINTER WEATHER CLOSING - The studio will be closed on Monday, January 25, 2016. **
We are extremely excited about sharing the world of dance with our studio family. Together, we bring over 30 years of experience teaching the art of dance to students of all ages and levels. Our philosophies include providing students with a positive environment that encourages the freedom of expression. An environment that teaches respect, values differences, instills confidence and is truly a dance family.

Our Philosphy
A solid foundation in dance begins with the understanding that dance is a DISCIPLINE. With hard work, countless hours of classes & rehearsals, and dedication to the sport, satisfaction is guaranteed. At the same time, dance should be exhilarating, rewarding and all together FUN!! We will strive to motivate the drive in each student to be the best dancer they can be. To motivate each student’s SELF-CONFIDENCE and assurance in believing that anything in life is possible. We will teach our students to believe that by applying yourself and working hard, the sky is the limit!!!

Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure quality instruction through the discipline and joy of dance. We will provide, on every level, motivated dance classes with emphasis on building self-esteem and a love for the arts. Through dance, students will obtain valuable lessons in maintaining confidence throughout life.

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